Water Main Repairs & Replacement

As this vital infrastructure continues to age and deteriorate, D'Allessandro corp. is ready to meet the demands to repair, replace or install water system piping and appurtenances. We have the experience, equipment, and training required to get clean water flowing again when and where it is needed.

Sewer Repairs & Replacement

Cave-ins, sewage leaks, and infiltration of ground water present major challenges in the conveyance systems. Maintaining this underground infrastructure is absolutely essential to protect public health and to maintain the commercial vitality of the region. D'Allessandro Corp. is always ready for the challenge to repair and replace sewers, often utilizing trenchless technologies through our division, Pipe Bursting of New England.

Drainage Repairs & Replacement

The drain system is one that too often is not thought about until there is flooding. This flooding can create hazards for the traveling public, undermine roads, and damage property. Un-conveyed storm water will also find its way into the sanitary sewer system (infiltration or inflow), which strain this system and often results in overflows into local water bodies. D'Allessandro's skilled field crews and project support team replace and repair drain pipes and related structures to keep the rain water flowing as it should.

We perform all types of underground utility work (water, sewer, and drain), from the installation of new mains and conduits to connections and repairs. We bid public work in Boston, Cambridge, and throughout Eastern Massachusetts and have bond capacity in excess of $80 million. We also perform all types of underground utility work for developers, builders, and property owners.

Bypass Pumping

D'Allessandro Corp. furnishes and installs all necessary equipment and labor to provide Bypass Pumping during any scheduled shutdowns or natural flooding.

Site Preparation

We offer a comprehensive array of site preparation services including excavation, grading of land, road construction, shoring, rock splitting and blasting foundations, boring, jacking, and lastly paving. We can handle even the most difficult site conditions. We have established working relationships with environmental experts and specialty sub contractors; we work with developers, builders, and property owners, and private institutions. Projects have been completed from Cape Cod to the North Shore to Worcester, ranging from under $100,000 to $10 million.

Landscape Preparation

We have a variety of jobs in the Greater Boston area leaving beautiful sceneries behind. We have been recognized by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society for "Excellence in Construction"

Services Include:

  • Construction of Retaining Walls
  • Slope Protection
  • Installation of Custom Stonework
  • Construction of Brick & Concrete Walls
  • Planting of Trees and Shrubbery and Spreading of Loam
  • Park Construction and Reconstruction

Snow Removal

Our 24 hour on call service means we are always prepared to work and carry out any procedures needed to stay safe during a snow storm. We have the necessary equipment and years of experience dealing with snow removal.

  • We are committed to providing on-time quality service.
  • We focus on the greater Boston area and the South Shore suburbs.
  • Clients include anywhere from regional malls to college campuses to small parking lots.

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